Our Probate & Estate Services

At Cohen Knights, we offer full support in helping you through the Probate process and once that is successful, Estate Administration. This is scaled to meet your needs, budget, and specific situation. Dealing with Wills or Tax issues can be daunting at the best of times, never mind during a period of recent bereavement. Whether you are looking for professional assistance with the completion of administrative tasks or require a full probate service, our team is always available for immediate support.

What do we offer?

If you have decided to apply for the Grant of Probate yourself, we can assist by:

  • Completing the HMRC Inheritance Tax Forms.
  • Assisting with any enquires that HMRC may have.

*Excludes probate application fee

  • Complete the application to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Probate.
  • Complete all HMRC Tax Forms.
  • Assist with any enquires HMRCmay have.

*Depending on if it is a taxable Estate

With our Full Administration Service:

  • We take full responsibility for getting the Grant of Probate and dealing with the Legal, Tax, and Estate Administration affairs for a fixed fee, with no upfront costs.

We price our Full Estate Administration Service with you in mind - fully transparent, upfront, and no hourly rates.
* Depending on the number of assets

During a time of bereavement, everyone’s situation is different. That’s why our services are personalised to the individual and whatever requirements they may have. If you are looking to discuss this further speak with us today.

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Reduce costs by registering for your Grant of Probate yourself: we can support you by handling HMRC and making sure this process is smooth

Grant Application

We will apply for your Grant of Probate for you, meaning all you need to think about is the Estate Administration once our application is successful.

Estate Administration

Once a Grant of Probate is issued, you are able to handle the full assets and estate of the deceased. With our Full Estate Administration package, we can take care of this for you.

Expert Advice

Whatever route you take, our legal partners are here to offer you the best guidance and support through the legal process.

Why Choose Us

Taking a more personal approach we know that what one person may need will differ to another due to your circumstances. Because of this we can ensure that you are met with a friendly, understanding approach throughout this time.
We want to help you to understand what Probate is, clear and simple. We will map out how best we can assist and what you can do without us.
With our local team, to help lay out the process and answer any questions that you may have without having to commit to a set paid fee.

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