Inheritance Tax Mitigation

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate that includes the property, money, and possessions of the deceased after death. By implementing effective estate planning during your lifetime, you can structure your wealth and assets to not only maximise the value of your estate, but to minimise what you and those who inherit pay in tax. This includes income tax, capital gains tax and of course inheritance tax.

Whatever your circumstances, making a Will and taking estate planning advice could help you to avoid the negative consequences of an intestacy. At Cohen Knights, our team of tax specialists can help you traverse the complexities of Inheritance Tax and provide you with an innovate and pragmatic solution that meets your needs.

 Key Benefits of Inheritance Tax Mitigation

Minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax your beneficiaries will need to pay and ensure the smooth transition of assets to those you care about.

Wealth Preservation

Reduce tax burden and maximise the inheritance of your beneficiaries.

Tax Savings

Mitigate any potential Inheritance Tax and Capital Gain Tax charges.

Estate Protection

Safeguard your estate by mitigating risks and shielding assets from potential creditors.


Include estate planning and Will Trusts to help protect your assets for your children.

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