Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is responsible for making decisions relating to the management of finances and other affairs on behalf of people who no longer have mental capacity.

When an individual no longer has, or has never had, the capacity to manage their property and financial affairs, it is not possible to put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. Instead, an application needs to be submitted to the Court of Protection to gain approval for someone to be appointed as the individual’s Deputy.

At Cohen Knights, our team of specialists are pleased to provide a holistic service, offering informed information and advice on applying for, and correctly managing your deputyship.

Key Benefits of The Court of Protection

Protect the interests of your loved ones with a Deputyship and manage the affairs of a person(s) who no longer have the mental capacity.


Manage the financial decisions of a vulnerable individual as a Deputy when no Lasting Power of Attorney is in place.


Act in the best interests to safeguard your loved ones, making crucial decisions from living conditions and location to routine medical treatments.


Receive holistic support and access to professional guidance and advice.


Access legal advice and ensure the correct management of a vulnerable person(s) finances through the Court of Protection.

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