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Trust Planning

It is important to bear in mind that although Wills (and Will Trusts) are an essential part of estate planning, they are only one aspect of it.  There are many other factors to take into consideration and which we can advise upon, one being Trusts.

Trust Services from Cohen Knights

We provide practical estate planning solutions that are tailored and flexible for your needs.  We are only too aware that part of life is change, and estate planning arrangements that were suitable many years ago may no longer be appropriate. 

Changes in life mean that you should review your estate planning arrangements on a regular basis, thus ensuring you achieve the best possible outcomes enabling you to preserve your wealth, so it can be passed to future generations. 

If you require flexibility, a trust may be the perfect solution.  These can adapt to life’s changing circumstances such as, entering into a new relationship or relationship breakdown.  You may have children and grandchildren and now wish to provide for their future as well as your own.  If you wish to plan for your later life and are conscious of asset protection, care fee mitigation, or tax planning then we can provide the correct Trust for your needs. 

Trusts are a very useful tool (and should not be discounted) as part of an overall strategy for tax saving for future generations and family wealth protection or asset protection.  As part of our estate planning approach, we will advise you whether we believe a Trust is appropriate for your needs and which is the most suitable for your requirements.

For initial guidance about Trusts call our advisors in Norfolk and Suffolk on 0333 1300 509 or contact us online and we will help you.

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The different types of Trust we offer are:-


Will Trusts

Will Trusts are incorporated into a Will and are an effective way of holding, preserving and controlling assets, money and property, such as your main residence, after the creator’s death.  A trust is a relationship which is recognised and enforceable in Court. 


Lifetime Trusts

Lifetime Trusts are trusts created during one’s lifetime.  They are an effective way of holding, preserving and controlling assets, money and property, such as your main residence, during your lifetime.

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