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Trust Management

We act as Trustee for hundreds of Trusts of various types, and we know how demanding the role of Trustee can be.  Our current portfolio of active Trusts is currently valued at over £150 million and this is constantly increasing.

We know that many families have benefited from our expertise in both managing and running trusts and we understand that those who accept the role as a Trustee or who are already acting as a Trustee, may not be aware of their obligations imposed upon them.

Trustees must comply with the various Trustee Acts.  They owe duties of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and good faith to the beneficiaries of the trust and they must act exclusively in the best interests of the trust and be actively involved in any decisions.

In order to ensure you are complying with your statutory duties, all trustees can seek professional help with their duties to make sure they’re acting in the best interests of the trust and its beneficiaries and we can accept the role of managing the trust or we will guide your trustees accordingly.

We also advise on wider tax matters, including Inheritance Tax calculations and returns. We also advise on changes of trustees and the appropriate provision of information to beneficiaries.

Our specialist advisors can advise you on every aspect of your role as trustee.

  • Advice on trustee duties and responsibilities.
  • Administering and managing trust assets.
  • Making income and capital distributions and reporting these events to HMRC.
  • Maintenance of accounting records and preparation of annual trust accounts.
  • Monitoring investment management performance.
  • Completion of annual tax returns and making tax payments.
  • Inheritance tax compliance.
  • Preparation of beneficiaries’ income tax certificates.
  • Attendance at trustees’ meetings and liaising with professional advisers.
  • Registering Trusts with HMRC.

For initial guidance about Trust Management call our advisors in Norfolk and Suffolk on 0333 1300 509 or contact us online and we will help you.

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