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Probate Services Level 2

Probate and Estate Management Services

Service Level 2 – Completing HMRC Forms Only

If you have decided to apply to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Probate yourself, we can assist by completing just the HMRC Inheritance Tax Forms.  In this instance, we would also assist with any enquires that HMRC may have.

We will:- 

  • Complete HMRC Tax Forms and correspond with HMRC as necessary.
  • Consider the validity of the Will (if relevant).

This would then leave you and your family to administer the estate once you have received the Grant of Probate.

You would then need to administer the estate, consider any Income or Capital Tax issues and then complete the Estate Accounts yourselves.

Talk to us today about how we can help you with your Probate and Estate Management. Call our Probate advisors in Norfolk and Suffolk on 0333 1300 509 or fill in the form below.

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Probate Application & HMRC Forms

We can complete the application to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Probate, as well as complete all the HMRC Tax Forms and assist with any enquires HMRC may have.


Full Estate Probate Administration

With our Full Administration Service, we take full responsibility for getting the Grant of Probate and dealing with the Legal, Tax, and Estate Admin affairs for a fixed fee. There are no upfront costs to pay.